Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

It's MORE than Buying & Selling

There's much more involved in real estate law than simply buying or selling a home. It may involve securing proper compensation when your property is condemned for a road, power lines or other public use.

Real estate law may involve defending the title to your land when a neighbor cuts your trees, builds on your land, claims an easement across your property, dams your creek or causes excess runoff to erode your property.

Attorneys versed in real estate law could be helpful if damage is done to your property or there's been trespassing, breach of contract and defective titles – even title issues due to tax foreclosure.

At the first sign of trouble, get the legal guidance you need to reduce your risks and strengthen your position as we help you to anticipate problems and "nip them in the bud" where possible. If your situation goes to court, you should prepare to win. Failure to prepare can ensure that you lose. Contact us for review and guidance for your case in the Peachtree City, Fayette County and surrounding Atlanta metropolitan area.

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