Probate Issues

We can help you plan your estate or just prepare your will, from economical simple wills to much more detailed wills depending upon your desire or needs. We seek to determine the best probate procedure for your circumstances when a loved one has died. We then work with you to the extent you need to collect debts, identify heirs and distribute the assets of the estate.

Our involvement may be minimal or extensive based on your desires and budget. Some people think that buying a will kit is all they need to do to prepare their last will – but often the kit ends up costing them more in court costs, legal advertising and legal fees to correct the damage resulting from that "do-it-yourself" will.

Occasionally, a will may have been or may need to be challenged, or the manner in which an estate is handled may cause questions. We are experienced in these matters and can help you with issues of concern to you.

Some lawyers encourage the creation of trusts for estate planning. While a trust can be helpful where appropriate, a trust can be expensive. The establishment of a trust requires additional effort and expense on a routine basis to keep it operational. Many people find that the additional red tape is not worth the effort, while others forget to keep obligations current.

While a properly prepared power of attorney may be all you need, we can also help you to determine where guardianships may become necessary for an incapacitated adult or a child. Allow us to assist you in determining what works best for you in the Peachtree City, Fayette County and surrounding Atlanta metropolitan area.

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